Editor & Editorial Boards of Journals

1.  Editorial Board:  Journal of Cutaneous Pathology (1995-Present)

2.  Book Review Editor, Dermatopathology:  Practical and Conceptual, January 4, 2002-December 2010 (closing of the journal)

3.  Associate Editor:  Dermatopathology Practical and Conceptual (2006 to retirement of journal)

4.  Book Review Editor, Dermatology:  Practical and Conceptual (Oct 2011-September 2, 2013, now retired from that role)

5.  Editorial Board:  American Journal of Dermatopathology (beginning with the 2008; 30(4) issue)

6.  Editorial Board:  Actas Dermo-Sifiliográficas (5 May 2007-Retired)

7.  Abstract reviewer for articles on dermatopathology for the United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology, 2006-2008


Current Society Affiliations - (* Elected)

1997 Saint Louis Dermatology Journal Club*
1992 American Society of Dermatopathology (Fellow)*
1991 St. Louis Dermatology Society*
1990 American Academy of Dermatology (Affiliate Member)*
1989 College of American Pathologists*
1988 International Academy of Pathology, United States/Canadian Division*
1988 International Society of Dermatopathology


Past Society Affiliations (* Elected)

2013-2014 American Society of Dermatopathology, President-elect, Executive Committee, Board of Directors

2009-2013 American Society of Dermatopathology, Secretary-Treasurer, Executive Committee, Board of Directors

2008 American Society of Dermatopathology, Secretary-Treasurer elect, Executive Committee, Board of Directors (through October 2009)*

2007 American Medical Association

2007 Truthful Testimony, Inc (Board of Directors)

2003 Coalition and Center for Ethical Medical Testimony (Board of Directors) (2005 Secretary-Treasurer)

1998 Dermatology Foundation, Leaders Society (ended 2005)

1996 American Pathology Foundation

1991 Missouri Society of Pathologists

1989 Dermatopathology Club of San Antonio (Founding Member)

1989 Texas Medical Foundation

1988 American Cancer Society

1988 International Society of Dermatology

1988 Missouri Medical Society

1988 San Antonio Society of Pathologists

1988 St. Louis Metropolitan Medical Society*

1982 American Society of Clinical Pathologists